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        Development orientation

          At present, there is no national standard for MBR in China, the market is chaotic, the quality is not guaranteed, and there are many problems in the later operation of the owner, such as sludge control, membrane cleaning, etc., which put forward higher requirements for the professionalism of membrane manufacturers, the rationality of process structure design and the quality of operators. Our company will seize the market opportunity to make a breakthrough in the above problems, combining with the flat membrane itself To provide high cost-effective membrane products, establish databases, improve the operation standardization process and guide manual printing and distribution, etc., to provide the owner with good source and operation process services, provide safety assurance, realize cost saving and efficiency increasing, improve our company's industry popularity and increase efficiency; to realize the national strategy of "cash mountain and silver mountain is inferior to green mountain and water", to add bricks and tiles for the construction of environmental protection, and strive to struggle.

        Regional service platform


          With the development of the market, in order to better serve customers, our company will take Weihai as the center, select the regions (cities) with market influence to gradually establish regional service platforms.

        • North China (Beijing)

        • East China (Hangzhou)

        • Central China (Wuhan)

        • South China (Guangzhou)

        • Southwest (Chongqing)

        • Northwest (Xi'an)

        • Northeast (Shenyang)




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