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          The total investment of the company is more than 30 million yuan, which will be invested in stages within five years. The investment in the first phase is 10-15 million yuan. The annual output of the first phase is planned to be 100000 flat membrane, 100000 high-performance hollow membrane, 100000 UF membrane, with an output value of more than 40 million yuan, providing about 50 direct jobs. The investment in the second phase is 15 million yuan. In the second phase, it is planned to produce 300000 flat membranes, 200000 high-performance hollow membranes, 100000 UFS, with an output value of more than 80 million yuan, and provide more than 100 direct jobs.


              With Harbin University of technology and famous expert team as the center, R & D and transformation of new membrane materials and new membrane water treatment chemicals are carried out, industry segmentation standards are formulated, and the company's technical advantages are kept at the leading industry level. It is planned to invest more than 5% of the sales volume every year, and the implementation is as follows:

          一、Harbin University of Technology (improvement and application of membrane materials)

          二、East China University of science and Technology (fermentation wastewater treatment process and application)

          三、Tianjin Institute of desalination and comprehensive utilization, Ministry of natural resources


        Product advantages


        A、 The material of flat filter membrane is polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), which has good chemical stability and mechanical properties.

        B、The average pore diameter of flat membrane is Zero point one μ m is the reliable guarantee of high quality effluent of MBR system.

        C、 The water collecting flume inside the supporting plate designed by professional technology can ensure the low energy consumption and high efficiency water production of MBR system.



        It can intercept all suspended solids and colloids. Membrane separation increases the concentration of activated sludge in the aeration tank, increases the rate of biodegradation, and reduces the discharge of residual sludge.


        It has good strength, no broken wire, high reliability of effluent water quality, large flux and low requirement for wastewater pretreatment. Impact load resistance, good pollution resistance, convenient maintenance and management.


        The flat membrane can remove the pollutants attached to the membrane surface by using the scouring effect of aeration on the membrane surface, so as to maintain a high membrane flux, and the water conservancy conditions are easy to control.




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