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        Weihai domestic sewage treatment project selection skills

        Release Time:2020-05-19

        The water collection shall be able to ensure the balance of water inflow, so as to maintain the normal water level of the air flotation pool. Therefore, to ensure the flocculation treatment effect of papermaking wastewater treatment equipment, we can choose the correct flocculant model according to the nature of wastewater, and achieve better flocculation effect with the correct dissolution ratio, dosage and dissolution time. Among these materials, stainless steel is the best one for compression resistance and corrosion resistance. It is easy to complete automatic control, simple to manage and operate; the equipment can be connected with the car and made into a mobile integrated sewage treatment equipment; this is a commonly used pretreatment method. When the pipeline system of sewage treatment equipment leaks or breaks, the operation of sewage treatment equipment shall be stopped immediately, and all the leaked sewage shall be collected and discharged to the regulating pool for reprocessing, and the maintenance personnel shall be informed at the time. Buried sewage treatment equipment delivery site buried sewage treatment equipment delivery site buried sewage treatment equipment characteristics: the equipment can be fully buried, half buried, or placed above the ground surface, can not be arranged in a standardized way, and set according to the terrain. Laundry sewage, animal husbandry sewage, hair salon sewage, etc.




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