Creative Axes Looks At Creating Value
Our ISO attempt

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Our value proposition is to get the customer interested in the product/service we are evangelizing. The platform that we use is a direct one on one customer interaction .

 Wow—that sounds insanely costly.

Put an ad in a paper and we are sure that there is chance that we can catch million eyeballs in a city. Design a TV commercial for the 20/20 World Cup and we are looking 100 million potential eyeballs. Now the cost of putting up the advertisement and the commercial add to brand value and the message is divided by the million figures. The cost per eyeball looks reasonable and it adds to building up your brand. Sounds great and easy do with established manners of carrying out this process.

Let’s enter a scenario where marketing objectives are to grow the market share. Increase the sales of your product. Get customers to understand the value proposition of our product offering, shorten our sales cycle. What we are looking at is a marketing program that will show an impact that can be quantified.

Here is where we enter and design programs or execute programs that you have designed . Now we come to the big Q—A wait for quality process to be put in place for your team. A clear set of deliverables which can be measured out the program that is in place.

Whew that sounded a bit heavy even for me. Now our plan as we have defined our business is to set up a quality process in place for all the work we do with our clients.  The story of value proposition and quality are always a little grim. And ours is serious—quality is what we like to call hope of deliverance.

ISO 9000 and its extractions are famous for quality.SEI CMM is famous in the software quality process. What do we have in Marketing services/below the line/experiential marketing/event marketing/field promotions or the other synonyms we use to describe our business.

What we do is set up unique quality programs with various clients that we deploy for the client as per his budget. Quality does cost money. Will leave you with this thought and when we talk on a direct one to one basis we will give the how we have our process in place.